HashiCorp Terraform is a tool for building, changing, and versioning infrastructure safely and efficiently. Terraform can manage existing and popular service providers such as AWS as well as custom in-house solutions. Configuration files describe to Terraform the components needed to run a single application or your entire datacenter.

Wednesday – August 21, 2019


Dependabot creates automated dependency updates for your Ruby, Python, JavaScript, PHP, .NET, Go, Elixir, Rust, Java, and Elm. It pulls down your …

Monday – August 19, 2019

Immutable Infrastructure CI/CD Using Hashicorp Terraform and Jenkins – DZone DevOps

Infrastructure-as-Code’s popularity is due to its easy implementation and building of a clean infrastructure with a declarative programming model. This article highlights …


Drifter checks for drift between Terraform definitions and deployed states. It detects and reports on configuration drift between the latest repo version of …

Saturday – August 17, 2019


This Terraform module provisions a VPC with Internet Gateway. The module defines a VPC with public/private subnets across multiple AZs with Internet …

Friday – August 16, 2019

Thursday – August 15, 2019


This Terraform module provisions multiple general-purpose EC2 hosts for stateful applications. It was designed to provision a discrete number of instances suitable …


This Terraform module provisions public and private subnets in existing VPCs. The module is intended for use with an existing VPC and …

Tuesday – August 13, 2019


Terraform module for creating alarms for tracking important changes and occurrences from ALBs. Related links


Terraform module that implements a web app on ECS and supports autoscaling, CI/CD, monitoring, ALB integration, and much more. Related links

Monday – August 12, 2019


Terraform module that configures important RDS alerts using CloudWatch and sends them to an SNS topic. The module creates a set of …