Thursday – July 30, 2020


A GitOps tool for secrets encryption on Kubernetes platform

Relay by Puppet Public Beta

Relay is an event-driven DevOps platform. It listens to events from 3rd party services like AWS, Datadog, PagerDuty, Jira and more to trigger simpler, smarter workflows that automate tedious tasks. Existing solutions either require a lot of upfront DIY work (AWS Lambda or running your own script) or they weren’t built for DevOps teams (Zapier, IFTTT).

Relay provides out-of-the-box workflows for common use cases like cloud cost optimization, security, incident response and more. If those don’t work for you, Relay offers integrations with dozens of cloud provider services, open source tools and APIs that can be composed together in a simple YAML-based workflow.

Saturday – August 17, 2019


Octant  is a web-based, highly extensible platform for developers to better understand the complexity of Kubernetes clusters. It aims to be part …

Thursday – August 8, 2019


SealedSecret is a Kubernetes controller and tool for one-way encrypted Secrets. Encrypt your Secret into a SealedSecret, which is safe to store …

Tuesday – August 6, 2019


This Helm plugin migrates Helm v2 releases in-place to Helm v3. Related links

Monday – August 5, 2019


Helmfile is a declarative spec for deploying Kubernetes helm charts. It allows you to maintain a directory of chart value files and …

Friday – August 2, 2019

[Kubedex/terraform-helmfile] Run Helmfile from Terraform

This example shows how to use Terraform to install Helm Charts on a Kubernetes cluster using Helmfile. There are a couple of …

Thursday – August 1, 2019


This tool uses AWS IAM credentials to authenticate to a Kubernetes cluster. The initial work on this tool was led by Heptio. …

Wednesday – July 31, 2019


Reloader is a Kubernetes controller that watches changes in ConfigMap and Secrets and performs the necessary updates. It also restarts pods for …