Kubernetes Operators

Monday – May 20, 2019

Percona XtraDB Cluster Operator

Percona XtraDB Cluster Operator simplifies the deployment and management of Percona XtraDB Cluster instances in a Kubernetes or OpenShift environment. It extends …

ROBIN Storage

As the only purpose-built Kubernetes-based solution, ROBIN offers the entire application lifecycle management embedded natively into the compute, storage, and network infrastructure …

Saturday – April 27, 2019


KubeVirt addresses the needs of development teams that have adopted or want to adopt Kubernetes but possess existing virtual machine-based workloads that …

Tuesday – March 12, 2019

Falco Operator

Falco is a behavioral activity monitor that detects anomalous activity on cloud-native platforms such as Kubernetes, Mesosphere, and Cloud Foundry. By leveraging …

Saturday – March 2, 2019

Kubernetes Operator Hub

Operator Hub is a registry for discovering new Kubernetes Operators. Related links

Thursday – February 28, 2019

Istio Operator for Kubernetes

Istio is an open source independent service mesh control plane built on top of Envoy that provides traffic management, policy enforcement, and …

Monday – February 25, 2019


`cert-manager` is a Kubernetes add-on to automate the management and issuance of TLS certificates from various issuing sources. Often times it’s necessary …

Friday – December 14, 2018

Synopsys Operator

Synopsys Operator is a cloud-native administration utility for Synopsys software. Once the Operator is installed, it can be leveraged to easily deploy …

Thursday – July 26, 2018

Konfigurator: A Kubernetes operator

Konfigurator is an open-source Kubernetes operator that can dynamically generate app configuration when Kubernetes resources change. Konfigurator renders the configuration templates provided …