Typhoon: Minimal and free Kubernetes distribution

Typhoon is a minimal and free Kubernetes distribution. Typhoon distributes upstream Kubernetes, architectural conventions, and cluster add-ons, much like a GNU/Linux distribution …

Konfigurator: A Kubernetes operator

Konfigurator is an open-source Kubernetes operator that can dynamically generate app configuration when Kubernetes resources change. Konfigurator renders the configuration templates provided …


Use the `aws-nuke` tool to nuke an entire AWS account and delete all its resources. This is ideal for automated testing environments …


Generates kanban cards from GitHub issues as HTML for easy printing.


A cli to detect public holidays, use it with cron, systemd timers or monitoring tests to do something (or not) on public holidays.

How VPN automation ended up becoming a single sign-on server — Part 1

What started as a short-term hack ended up being an open-source project that’s now used across Go-Jek. This was a great lesson …


Dependabot creates automated dependency updates for your Ruby, Python, JavaScript, PHP, .NET, Go, Elixir, Rust, Java, and Elm. It pulls down your …


gcping is a command line tool that reports median latency to Google Cloud regions. Related links